Tarrant County Bass Club (TCBC)
 Rules/Registration for Open Tournament 
July 10, 2021
  • Register/check in between 4:30 AM – 5:45 AM.  Start fishing a 6:00 AM.  Last cast at 3:00 PM, Be in line by 3:30 PM or you will be disqualified.  Tournament Director may choose to alter this schedule due to weather and will announce changes at sign up on the day of the tournament.

  • Tournament entry fee will be $100.00 per boat; 1 or 2 persons per boat.  Fee must be paid on or before tournament; no exceptions.

  • All fish brought to weigh-in must be 14 inches minimum for largemouth bass (no minimum or spots or Kentucky bass) and must meet all Texas Parks & Wildlife regulations for Eagle Mountain Lake; if not it will result in disqualification.

  • All fish will be measured with their mouth shut using a Pro Rule measuring device.  Contestants will be allowed to check their measuring device against the club device. 

  • 5 fish bag limit per boat.   There will be a 1 pound deduction from the stringer weight for each dead fish brought to weigh-in.   No ice fish will be allowed.

  • Trailering will be allowed.  

  • No guide will be allowed to fish a lake that he/she has guided within the last 12 months.

  • Pork rind and artificial lures only. 

  • No trolling allowed.

  • All Texas Parks & Wildlife fishing and boating rules and regulations must be obeyed.  Life jackets must be worn and emergency ignition shut-off device must be attached to driver’s body when boat is on plane.

  • Protest:  Any contestant wishing to file a protest of another contestant must do so within 5 minutes after the official weigh-in is over.

  • Polygraph test may be given at the discretion of the tournament director. 

  • All fish weighed in will become the property of Tarrant County Bass Club for live release with the exception of trophy fish.

  • Any rule clarification, written or otherwise, will be handled by a tournament director and the decision is final.